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Information and facts relating to finance and money. The eoft site offers encyclopaedic content covering broad areas of financial interest.

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Where do you go if you want accurate, factual information about money matters? ..... eoft is online to bring you encyclopaedic quality, money and finance information.

From bonds to credit cards to interest rates to mortgages to pensions and Third World Debt - eoft has something for everyone researching money and finance.

All About Money and Finance provides a factual repository of information and articles relating to money and finance. is a free information site published by eoft.

I have put the eoft site online as a central resource for finance and money information. I found that I was always having to search the internet or dig around in directories for financial information - so I decided to gather it all together in one place.

If you find eoft useful, please consider providing a link from any web-site of your own - it is one way to share the resource with others.

I will be adding more finance and money information to eoft as I go along, please email me if you know of a good source of information that I can share with others. I have added personal pension schemes information.

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